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About Siena - Grotti Area

Castello di Grotti - 12 Km. away from Siena

Grotti is a small village southwest of Siena. The castle is less than a kilometer from the village of Ville di Corsano which has a small grocery store, post office, bar, and a convenience store.

The agritourism that we cultivate is located in the Comune (local district) of Sovicille, near the medieval town of Orgia where Casa del Fabbro is located. In the Comune of Monteroni d’Arbia near the little village of Ville di Corsano is the other part, centered on Castello di Grotti. Casa della Mucca and Pozzarello are located here.

Our main business office is in one part of the imposing structure of Castello di Grotti. Shelters for machinery and farm products are in the surrounding farm buildings.

In the fields, we grow wheat that is cultivated predominantly in the hilly area of Grotti, at the edge of the Crete Senesi. Corn and sunflowers are grown in the plain of the Merse River at the foot of the hill on which sits the little village of Orgia. In addition, we cultivate various olive groves. The olives are harvested in late autumn and early winter and are pressed to produce the precious olive oil, DOC whose denomination is "Olio extravergine Toscano."

All the farm’s output is carried out under the control of ERATA, a government agency that ensures the correct eco-compatible farming methods to produce biologically healthy products.

Part of the farm is also woodland with native Mediterranean trees and shrubs. (The main ones are oak, beech, heather, juniper and broom.).

These provide shelter for porcupines, deer, wild boar, hare, pheasant, and many other wild species.

Across from the woods and fields that we cultivate, about 15 km of white (dirt) roads and paths allow long walks through natural countryside that in spring and fall are ablaze in dazzling colors.

At the end of the summer, after the first rain, many mushrooms begin to sprout in the woods.

You will often see people picking mushroom at this time of the year.

If you find some yourself, please be sure to identify them as non-poisonous before you eat them.

From this area, with a brief journey along fascinating roads through the surrounding countryside, you can reach the best of Tuscan artistic and historical centers: Siena (12 km) Firenze/Florence (70 km), Arezzo (70 km), Pienza, Montalcino, Monteriggioni, San Gimignano, Volterra, Monte Oliveto Maggiore, Sant’Antimo, etc, etc. Even nearer, you can find the beautiful abbey di San Galgano; the village of Murlo, an early Etruscan settlement; and the Montagnola Senese, gentle wooded mountains suitable for easy hikes.

Things to see in the area

The abbey has been restored; Cistercian monks celebrate mass at 11 am and vespers at 6.30 pm on Sunday in Gregorian chant.

An opera company performs in a former convent - Musica nel Chiostro - in mid summer. Beautiful surroundings; performances begin at (about) 9.30 pm. For tickets and information call 0564 338096.

A lovely hill town with magnificent views. 19th century café in the Via Mazzini called Fiaschetteria Italiana is in the center of the town. The fortezza has towers which can be climbed. The local famous wine - Brunelllo - can be sampled and bought there.

Abbazia di San Galgano
A gothic roofless ruin, built in the 13th century and sacked by Sir Jon Hawkwood at the end of the century. A lovely round Romanesque chapel was built in 1182 to house St. Galgan's sword in the stone.

A medieval borgo with an Etruscan museum.

Monte Oliveto
The Abbazia di Monte Oliveto Maggiore is a beautiful building with frescoes by Sodoma.




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